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Lee County Genealogical & Historical Society supports The Heritage Foundation,Inc. and it's efforts to restore abandoned and neglected cemeteries. We at The Heritage Foundation, Inc. salute your interest in our mission and appreciate your generous donations.

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The Kiwanis Club of Sanford, NC invites The Heritage Foundation, Inc. to speak at their monthly club meeting.  Kiwanis International's mission is to  serve the children of the world. The mission of The Heritage Foundation, Inc. is to educate both our children and our community about the rich history that is all around us.

Compassion isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round volunteer drive gets so much attention. Devote an afternoon to helping maintain one of our historical sites and see first-hand the hidden history of these abandoned cemeteries.

Our mission is to restore honor and dignity to abandoned cemeteries throughout the State of North Carolina and our nation.

Our foundation needs your help if we are to save the currently abandoned historical cemeteries throughout our nation. It  takes supplies, equipment and manpower to make a difference in these abandoned historic sites. Make your contribution now.


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​Have you ever passed by a wooded area and realized that there were headstones among the trees?  Have you ever wondered how nature could overtake a cemetery?  It could be that the last living members of the group in charge have died or the families with relatives buried there have moved away.  Perhaps a few people -- or even one individual -- cared for the site and then one day stopped showing up for who knows what reason.  Many times the last known board member of a cemetery association will pass away, then there's no one currently responsible for its upkeep.