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Congratulations to The Heritage Foundation, Inc.  Your work in the community is finally getting the recognition that it is due! 
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The Heritage Foundation, Inc. with Former N.C. Governor Jim Hunt and Wife Carolyn at the Small Business Banquet held at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center, Sanford, N.C.
The Heritage Foundation, Inc.'s Director of Administration, Beatrice Heck Adams, with Former N.C. Representative Bob Etheridge at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Sanford, N.C.'s Lee County High School.
The Heritage Foundation, Inc. booth at the Small Business Expo held at the
Denise A. Wicker Civic Center, Sanford, N.C.
 Small Business Expo  
San Lee Chapal is dedicates their serve month to the Black Heritage Community Cemetery



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february 9, 2019

San lee park, sanford, nc

new​ beautiful nature center
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Margaret Murchison, WFJA 105.5 FM receives a community 'Service award, with Lisa Martin Sanders, Executive Director for The Heritage Foundation, Inc. 

​​Lisa Martin Sanders (The Heritage Foundation, Inc. Representative), along with Margaret Murchison (Radio and News personality WFJA 105.5), 
received the OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD on April 26, 2014 from the:


The Heritage Foundation, Inc. would like to encourage our viewers to visit the Eta Phi Gamma Sorority website to learn more about the great things that they are doing in various communities around the United States.  Please click the following link:www.etaphibeta-epsilongamma.org

Mack Wicker, member

Lee County Historical & Genealogical Society

Sanford, NC

I just wanted to congratulate you on your recognition for community service with The Heritage Foundation, Inc.!  It was a great photo, as well.  I know that it is a group effort, but you are a driving force in the organization.  I had stopped by the Buffalo site earlier this Spring, and saw the tremendous amount of work that has been done there.

I also have visited the White Oak Cemetery about 1 to 2 years ago, searching for the gravesite of blues guitarist Floyd Council.  This visit was in an effort to assist Willard McGhee who is making an effort to
recognize Floyd's contribution to the early blues scene.  Willard gave a presentation on the blues music to our Lee County Genealogical and
Historical Society.

Unfortunately, even Mr. Council's son no longer can find his father's gravesite which was never marked, and is hard pressed to give an approximate location.

You are probably already aware of this, but I am enclosing a couple of links that you may find interesting:

About Willard McGhee: http://www.willardmcghee.com/ ;

About Floyd Council: http://floydcouncil.tumblr.com/

I know what a daunting task you have ahead at the White Oak Cemetery, as well.  Good Luck!!
Mack Wicker