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Little cemetery in the woods          By: Hal Siler

They located the old deed,
And had the land surveyed;
They organized a church group,
Preliminary plans were made.
They began to rake, mow and dig,
They called their group "Team One;"
They worked and led together,
Just to show what could be done.
As they cleared the brush away,
Tombstones began to appear;
And as the cemetery came to life,
You wanted to stop and cheer.
All that is needed now,
Is for more folk to get involved;
Then the plight of the cemetery,
Maybe can be resolved.
Everyone working together,
Can make it a place to show;
Grandchildren will be very proud,
Of those who helped to make it go.
Poem by  Hal Siler
Cemetery Pictures by Beatrice Heck Adams:
Black Heritage Community Cemetery
Sanford, NC  


There was a little cemetery,
Hidden back in the woods;
No one seemed to care about it,
Although everybody should.
It was all overgrown,
With vines, trees and bushes;
But no one takes the lead,
And no one ever pushes.
Important people are buried there,
And others not so well-known;
But you can't see the headstones,
Because it is so overgrown.
But then one day,
Seemingly out of the blue;
A group decides to accept the task,
And see what they could do.

​​Restoring honor and dignity to abandoned cemeteries

The Heritage Foundation will never forget the contributions and services provided by Hal Siler.

           Rest in Peace dear Friend

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