​​Restoring honor and dignity to abandoned cemeteries

The Heritage Foundation, Inc.

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Our Mission

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When a neglected or abandoned cemetery is discovered, often times the owner (church or private) has been renamed, dissolved or no longer exists.  The Heritage Foundation, Inc. embarks on the task of finding the rightful owner(s) of these cemeteries.  Once the owner is found, most of which are typically churches, they are notified by the foundation of their ownership in the cemetery.  Owners of cemeteries also notify the foundation of their need to have a cemetery restored.


Typically where the difficulty begins is that churches, private owners or city management are not equipped to handle such a tedious task of clearing, cleaning up and restoring these cemeteries.  The time restraints and limitations on funds are a real concern.  The staff and members of their congregation, private owners and city management are already stretched to the limit.  As a result, The Heritage Foundation, Inc. has made it our mission to restore honor and dignity to the many individuals resting in abandoned and neglected cemeteries.  by restoring these cemeteries to what should have been a natural, beautiful state, our foundation hopes to create an environment where families, friends, teachers and students alike can visit, study and learn the rich history that likes beneath its surface. 

We are THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION, INC., a non-profit organization restoring honor and dignity to abandoned cemeteries throughout the State of North Carolina and its Nation. 

We believe that the rich history and heritage of our loved ones should never be neglected or forgotten.  OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT.