​​Restoring honor and dignity to abandoned cemeteries

The Heritage Foundation, Inc.

If you are interested in helping the Town of Spring Lake, NC  in its restoration of this cemetery, please donate.  Be sure to earmark your donation for Deerfield Cemetery so that your donation will be properly allocated for this project only. 

It is estimated that approximately 10,000 cemeteries are abandoned and neglected in the State of North Carolina alone. Through the collaborative efforts of the the Town of Spring Lake, NC and The Heritage Foundation, Inc., we can take the Deerfield Cemetery off this list and reclaim it as a vital piece of  North Carolina’s History.  The mission of The Heritage Foundation, Inc. is to preserve this cemetery and others to create a safe site for public viewing of these properties, as it relates to educational, cultural and historic purposes.  With the generous donations of the community at large, as well as the Town of Spring Lake, The Heritage Foundation, Inc. will begin restoration of  this historical site.  It is our hope  that it will become a notable, historic and well maintained final resting place for all who rest there.  Restoring this site, the Town of Spring Lake, NC will set a precedence in retaining our nations history!

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Dedication Ceremony for

 Floyd Council, Sr. Memorial

Who Put the Floyd in “Pink Floyd?”

 “Just a Man and His Blues”

Sponsored By:

The Heritage Foundation, Inc. of Sanford, North Carolina


The Heritage Foundation, Inc. is preparing for the presentation of the Floyd Council, Sr. Memorial Stone donated by the




The Killer Blues Headstone Project exists to provide headstones for blues  musicians lying in unmarked graves.
Steven A. Salter.....President, Whitehall, MI
Aaron Pritchard......Vice President, St. Louis, MO

The Heritage Foundation, Inc. is proud to sponsor this momentous occasion honoring Sanford/Lee County’s very own celebrity Piedmont blues artist whose music so inspired the legendary rock band known as,

“Pink Floyd”

. . . that they named their band after him.

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