​​Restoring honor and dignity to abandoned cemeteries

The Heritage Foundation, Inc.

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Thank you so much!!

YOu have truly made a difference

Special Thanks to the Following Donors:

San Lee Chapel                                                      St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Linda Small                                                            GFWC Sanford Woman's Club

Lee County Retired School Personnel

Lee County Genealogical & Historical Society


Julie's Daycare

Law Office of W.W. Seymour, Jr. PA

Lee County Parks and Recreational Park - Ranger Steve

Mrs. Ruth Gurtis                                                                       Ms. Ruby Pattishaw

Susan Condlin                                                                  John & Christine Altenburger

Wally Jones                                                                                 Adolphus Frazier-Davis

Bert Floryanzia                                                                          Natasha Thompson

Kevin Heck                                                                                       Sylvia Churchwell

Roger McIver                                                                                      Henry Newby

Ruby Maxwell                                                                                 Dorothy B. Hubbard

The Questors Antique Study Group                                           Mack Wicker

Lena & Trevor Martin of
Australia                                                                                             Dora Gaudin

Lois Bayer                                                                                      Lisa Martin Sanders

THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION, INC. wishes to express our gratitude for your generous donations and help in the restoration of this great project.  Please join these and others and become sustaining members who keep our history alive!

Thanks To Your In-Kind Services.......

Thank you, Ms. Beverly Floryanzia, for taking the time to introduce your niece, Lisa Martin Sanders to the then, abandoned cemetery.  without you, the cemetery would still be in a state of despair.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Small for you Dedicated Volunteer Service

Thank you, Surveyor Hal Siler, for tirelessly answering every phone call from Lisa Martin Sanders.  Thank you for surveying the property, and for taking the time to make sure Lisa had all the information needed to assure that the process was done correctly.  Thank you for sharing the history of this great cemetery, and for identifying unmarked graves for us.  most of all, thank you for the lovely poem you wrote in honor of The Heritage Foundation, Inc., formerly Team One.

Thank you, Ms. Lillie Barrett of the Moore County Register of Deeds office,  for taking the time to help us decipher the original deed.

Thank you, Greylyn Sanders, Sierra Sanders, Jose Torres and Ellizon Torres,  Dylan and Jacob Light for your volunteer efforts in the cleanup process.

Thank you, Marie Augustine,  for your volunteer efforts in the cleanup process.

Thank you, Angela Toomer and Yashica McQuade, for your volunteer efforts in the cleanup process.

Thank you, Jones Printing Company, Inc. located at 104 Hawkins Avenue in Sanford, N.C., for printing our books.  No matter how busy you are when we walk in the door, you take the time to get the book completed the same day.

Thank you, Ranger Steve Godfrey of San-Lee Park, for placing snake repellent throughout the entire cemetery, and for your wonderful dog who made sure the cemetery was snake free!

A special thank you to our families for supporting our efforts to restore honor and dignity to abandoned cemeteries in our community, and throughout our nation!