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Poem by Lisa Martin Sanders
Executive Director
The Heritage Foundation, Inc.
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Who Cares

WHO CARES?  Those of us who appreciate the contribution of others.
WHO CARES?  Those who sacrifice their life for their brothers.
WHO CARES?  The ones whose lives have been changed,
By those who endured the hardships and the heartaches yet their hope,
The faithful few,
Who sees what must be done,
So they know what they must do.
WHO CARES?  The ones who can't bear to hear the fear and strife of another's life.
Those buried stories of long ago;
some of which may never see the light.
WHO CARES?  He who has had struggles of his own,
And has compassion for those old dry bones.
What's the big deal about a cemetery left neglected and abandoned in the woods?
The fact that those who were put there can't rest in peace.
Their bodies though dead are all covered in bushes . . . and in weeds.
If they were treated in life like we've treated them in death,
Then we should be too ashamed to take another breath.
The breath of life that was given to us at birth.
The breath of life that is required for life here on earth
The fact that those souls once walked this earth,
Means that someone loved and someone hurt.
This should be reason enough,
To give this cemetery a new birth.
So that its' history can live on in the hearts and minds of us,
Whose lives have been changed by their hope and their trust.
Yes, we are the ones who dare.
Yes, we are the ones,

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  • Who Cares3:20

WHO CARES that they were dishonored in life?

WHO CARES that they endured misery and strife?
WHO CARES that their happy days were few?
WHO CARES and who knew?
We can't care about all things all the time.
We don't care about what's yours and not mine.
We can't care about what happened in the past.
We only care about today,
And it won't last.
We're too tired to care about those who are dead and gone.
Why should we worry about the condition . . . of their headstones?
What difference does it make that you give and we take?
Who cares that you're willing to work until your back breaks?
What about this thing is bothering you?
What is it that you want us to do?
Have compassion, or concern.
Have you not learned?
That we don't care,
Don't disturb our lives,