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This great Piedmont Blues Artist is buried in an abandoned and neglected cemetery known as “White Oak,” located in Sanford, North Carolina; the exact location of his grave within the "White Oak" cemetery is not known. However, he as well as his wife and children are buried there.  We would like to acknowledge The Killer Blues Organization, who has donated a headstone to The Heritage Foundation, Inc. on behalf of

 Mr. Floyd Council, Sr.

 It is the mission of The Heritage Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,  to restore abandoned and neglected cemeteries such as this one in order to bring history alive once more.  However, due to circumstances beyond our control, our foundation has not been given the opportunity to restore this particular cemetery.  Nonetheless, we have acquired a memorial stone in his honor and will follow through on the dedication of this stone, which will be placed in the "Black Heritage Community Cemetery" located in Sanford, NC, only a few miles from the

  White Oak grave site.  We believe this will not only be a tourist attraction for the City of Sanford, but also for the state of North Carolina. Our foundation has conducted extensive research, including interviews with the son of Floyd Council, Sr., as well as other family members.  With the information that we have gathered, we have composed this compelling story commemorating  his life and contribution to the music industry. 


Who Put the


 In Pink Floyd?